Vincent Paterson behind the careers of superstars Michael Jackson and Madonna

'The Man Behind The Throne'

'The Man Behind The Throne' is a documentary film by Vincent Paterson, directed by Kersti Grunditz. Vincent Paterson is the Hollywood choreographer who created defining moves for stars like Michael Jackson and Madonna. He challenges the myth of self-destructive fame as the road to success with his childlike joy of creation, his tough work ethics and his personal integrity. He is an artist unknown to most people, whose work is seen by millions.

Director: Kersti Grunditz
Cinematographer: Nicklas Karpaty
Editors: Jesper Osmund/Kersti Grunditz
Original score: Cecilia Q.Öhrwall

Producers: Anita Oxburgh & Lizette Jonjic/ Migma Film

Featuring: Vincent Paterson, Joe Pytka, Kim Blank, Bonnie Story, Suzi Lonergan, Carl Dias, Dorothy Caruso
Archival footage of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lars von Trier, Björk



Vincent Paterson
Michael Jackson
Bonnie Story
Tony Selznick
Julie McDonald
Joe Pytka
Viva Elvis! cast & crew
Kim Blank
Dorothy Caruso
Carl Dias
Leslie Kaeufer
Lars von Trier
Dancer in the Dark cast & crew
Suzi Lonergan
Threnody cast & crew
Blonde Ambition Tour dancers

Written and directed by Kersti Grunditz

The Man Behind The Throne

Showing Date: Monday, February 3, at 8:30 PM
Venue: Walter Reade Theater, New York City
Information and tickets:



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