Madonna’s next album, giving the music a little 'folk' twist

Madonna's next album
Both Madonna and U2 have albums planned for late this year and we hear that Universal is considering releasing them as a “surprise,” just as Beyonce did in 2013. Our source from Universal says it’s a lot more likely to happen with U2 than it is with Madonna. However, Universal is looking for ways to market Madonna’s next album, under the working title of Rebel Heart, in different ways.
“So far, Universal is incredibly pleased with what has been presented by Madonna. This is not another MDNA with generic EDM songs. She is not straying away from her dance roots, but is giving the music a little “folk” twist,” our source says. However, Universal has some concerns. “It happened with Madonna and MDNA. It happened with Lady Gaga and ARTPOP. It happened with Britney Spears and her latest release. People are out to destroy the album before it even comes out. We liked the way Beyonce worked around that and hopefully, we’ll come up with something different for Madonna as well,” our source continues.
U2 haven’t released an album since No Line on the Horizon and the reception wasn’t too great. However, given the success of U2′s most recent tour, none of that mattered. But our source says they still want to market U2 in different ways as well. U2 doesn’t face the same automatic backlash that Madonna does, but there are still people who want them to fail.
“There is overwhelming support in the industry for U2′s new album,” our source says. “If the cards are played right, U2 will have their most successful album in years. The promotion for this album will be a little different,” he continues. We can comfortably tell you that despite recent reports, U2 fans will definitely get an album this year.
Are you excited for new albums from Madonna and U2? What type of music do you want to hear from them? How do you think they should go about marketing their new albums? Tell us in the Comments section.


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