'Madonna stop begging me' -Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan has reignited his ongoing feud with Madonna, insisting that she remains "banned" from all TV shows that he works on.

The Life Stories host said that the ban he placed on the US popstar from appearing on his CNN show was still in action on his British chat show.
"She's also banned from Life Stories," he told Digital Spy. 
"If Madonna was in here now, naked, and begged me and offered herself on a plate, I would run a mile. And then I'd reinforce the ban for another 10 years."
He added: "If you're watching, [Madonna], you're not coming on. stop begging me."
Morgan suggested that one potential interview for Life Stories that might be back on the cards would be Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson.
The TV duo ended a lengthy and nasty media feud over the summer and Morgan admitted that it would be "pretty cool" if he could secure an interview with Clarkson. (DigitalSpy)
This douchebag is using Madonna's name again. 
Fuck off! -MadonnaGlam


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