'Madonna saw Relax as a blueprint' -Holly Johnson

Holly Johnson interview: 'Madonna saw Relax as a blueprint'
DigitalSpy interviews Ex-Frankie Goes To Hollywood frontman Holly Johnson:
Digital Spy: 
30 years after 'Relax' people still say that pop is getting too risqué or obscene - is it the same old argument?
Holly Johnson: 
"It's interesting, the whole idea of controversy in pop music... It is a pop art form but it's just entertainment".
"There have been artists who saw the controversial nature of 'Relax' as a blueprint. I think Madonna really wasn't very controversial on her first album particularly. We shared a management company in America and she definitely plucked the power of sexual controversy.
"It became a sort of blueprint really for modern pop and dance music in a way. Time and time again people have tried the same trick. I don't think anything has really had a high-profile ban since 'Relax' really. I think even the BBC realised that you were highlighting a record rather than burying it into obscurity by banning it.
"The whole idea of people wearing less and less clothes now, for example in the presentation of records. Famously Rihanna. Then we have Marianne Faithfull who was famous for being..."
Holly Johnson's new album Europa is out now. 
He goes on a full UK tour latest this month.

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