Madonna accused of bedroom blunder by Spanish star Soraya Arnelas in Ibiza

'Over the top': Madonna sent in her people to check for 
recording devices in a Ibiza hotel, in rooms where 
Spanish pop-star Soraya was staying
Madonna had a reminder she isn’t the only star on the planet – when she apparently ruffled the feathers of Spain’s own pop superstar – singer Soraya Arnelas in Ibiza.
Soraya says that before the Material Girl’s trip to the party isle – where she carried on her 56th birthday celebrations which started earlier in Cannes – Madonna’s minions were sent to an exclusive hotel to check there was no secret recording equipment stashed in any of the bedrooms. 
But what Madonna hadn’t realised was that Soraya – who won Spain’s answer to Pop Idol, Operación Triunfo, in 2005 – was staying at the hotel with her own entourage, and they weren’t impressed by the intrusion.
‘Madonna is always surrounded by about nine bodyguards, and before she arrived I heard from my friends that their rooms  had to be searched for recording equipment and anything that security considered to  be dangerous,’ said Soraya, 31, ‘Which is a bit over the top.’
Madonna’s ‘people’ refused to comment. (DailyMail)
Soraya replied on her Twitter account:


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