Kate Bush broke Madonna's long-held record

Kate Bush: comeback concerts ramp up album sales, breaking Madonna's record
Kate Bush has become the first female artist in UK history to have eight albums in the top 40 at the same time.
Triumphant: Bush storms the charts
Looks like a lot of die-hard Bush fans are restocking their digital collections of Kate Bush's discography after she broke Madonna's long-held record for most albums in the top 40 simultaneously.
As fans scrambled to get a ticket to Kate Bush's sellout concert series, her albums - and other Kate Bush merchandise - have been selling like hot cakes.
Bush was the first female with a self-written UK number one with Wuthering Heights in 1978. Now she's broken another record nearly 40 years later, commanding 20% of the charts. Eight of the top 40 albums in the digital album charts are by her.
She's been enjoying a resurgence of success and popularity, with her sell-out shows being labelled "flawless" and "spellbinding" by critics.
However, not all is well for Kate as a crumbling cliff threatens her cliff-top mansion in Devon. That's one Wuthering Height which has not served the songstress well.


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