1982 Madonna / The First Album

Borderline: Stems

Holiday: Multitrack + Stems

Lucky Star: Stems

Physical Attraction: Multitracks


1984 Like a Virgin

Into the Groove: Multitracks + Vocal Stems

Like a Virgin: Stems


1986 True Blue

Live to Tell: Stems


1989 Like a Prayer

Like a Prayer: Vocal Stems (Choirs)


1990 I'm Breathless
Vogue: Multitracks + Multitracks + Stems


1990 The Immaculate Collection

Justify My Love: Vocal Stems


1992 Erotica

Deeper and Deeper: Vocal Stems

Erotica: Vocal Stems


1994 Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Story: Stems

1995 Something to Remember
I Want You: Multitracks


1996 Evita

1998 Ray of Light

Frozen: Stems

Ray of Light: Stems

The Power of Goodbye: Vocal Stems


2000 Music

Don't Tell Me: Vocal Stems

Music: Multitracks

Mysore Style: Stems

2003 American Life

American Life: Stems

Die Anothe Day: Stems

Love Profusion: Stems

Nobody Knows Me: Multitracks


2005 Confessions on a Dancefloor
Get Together: Stems

Hung Up: Stems

Jump: Stems

Sorry: Multitracks


2008 Hard Candy
Beat Goes on: Vocal Stems

Voices: Multitracks


2009 Celebration
Celebration: Stems

Revolver: Multitracks + Stems


2012 MDNA

Gang Bang: Vocal Stems

Girl Gone Wild: Vocal Stems

Masterpiece: Vocal Stems

2015 Rebel Heart

Addicted: Stems

Devil Pray: Stems (Demo)

Living for Love: Multitracks + Stems (Demo)

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